What is Turinabol?

What is Turinabol?

Turinabol is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is very common among practicing athletes. Form release — pills, which is very convenient and does not cause discomfort during administration. The steroid profile of this drug is as follows:

  • Androgenic substitution — 50%;
  • The negative impact on the pituitary gland is minimal, on the hypothalamus and testicles — just above;
  • Severely affected liver (if you overdose, and delaying the reception);
  • The effect of the drug can last up to 20 hours;
  • During the year, the presence of steroids in the blood can be detected when checking the athlete for doping.

Turinabol promotes the fastest set of muscle mass of the athlete due to the production of the necessary hormones.

The negative consequences of taking are unlikely, compared with the use of the same testosterone in its pure form.

A very effective tool for athletes who want to achieve high results in a short time. The fact of taking a steroid can be detected within 300 days after cancellation, so taking steroids, only you are responsible for it.


Turinabol Results

Every man takes steroids for a purpose. Almost everyone uses steroids to increase the content of androgens in the body. The Turinabol cycle gives quick and definite results. Let’s look at what exactly happens to our body while taking this drug:

  • Set (build) muscle in a short time, Turinabol solo cycle gives an average of 5 kg in 5 weeks;
  • Power indicators rise sharply;
  • The content of the hormone testosterone in the blood increases;
  • Reduces the risk of blood clots, ensuring the maintenance of the cardiovascular system in good shape.

In fact, the effects do not occur immediately after taking the pill, and have a delayed effect. First time taking the drug, you can feel the increase of the major figures mentioned above, the jump is not sharp, but sure. Experienced athletes often mix and consume Turinabol along with other steroids.

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How To Take Turinabol?

The standard dosage of Turinabol is 30 mg per day. Reception is better to divide into 3 times per day, that is the optimal dose to share and drink parts. This scheme helps to balance the hormonal background and avoid sudden jumps in it. As mentioned above, a highly toxic effect on the liver. Separate intake of the steroid also helps to reduce the negative effect on this important organ for the work of all systems. It is very sad that many athletes neglect the rules of caution and want to achieve the highest results in a minimum period of time, then they increase the consumption of steroids to 200 mg per day. Take care of your health and do not repeat such blunders, such a dose can lead to irreparable consequences in the future.

Turinabol Solo Cycle

The dosage is selected individually for each person. With such a question it is best to consult a specialist and consult about the duration and dose of steroids prior to its use. A professional will look at the state of all the necessary hormones, at the history of taking anabolic and androgenic steroids earlier and at the ultimate goals, to which you go. At the conclusion of the test, he will write you a prescription that will be as harmless to your health as possible. But if you still decided to just start taking Turinabol solo cycle without consultation, it is necessary to adhere exclusively to recognized standards — up to 50 mg per day. And for an athlete who is focused on the development of endurance rather than weight gain, 30 milligrams will be more than enough. The average duration of the cycle varies from 1 to 2 months, but do not exceed the limit. Acceptance of any drug it is best to keep under control and do not include initiative. Athletes who have already completed the Turinabol cycle speak positively about this steroid, calling it a safe and effective drug.

Side Effects of Turinabol

Before taking any drug or medication, it is worth remembering that there are always negative consequences that someone may have, and someone does not. Of course, the probability of side effects is very low, but it exists. Turinabol is generally very safe, but there are also failures.

The main negative reaction occurs due to the high toxicity of the steroid, which affects the liver. The other effects are practically reduced to zero, so it will not be possible to destroy the body as a whole, taking turinabol. To harm the vital organ, simply do not listen to all the instructions of the doctor and coach and use steroids in large quantities for several months. So think a few times before you ignore the prescriptions and do things your own way. Also, with a prolonged cycle of taking Turinabol, there may be a decrease in the release of one’s own hormone testosterone, and in rare severe cases even lead to erectile dysfunction.

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Men like to share their achievements with friends, especially when it comes to personal growth and development. Many athletes generously talk about their experiences and experiences from taking different drugs. Beginners Turinabol is highly praised for his efficiency and effectiveness. The effect is quite clear and persistent, and the losses are minimal. Almost everyone who correctly observe the dosage and timing of admission, positively expressed about Turinabol cycle. And those who decided to exceed the limits and jump beyond the recommendations suffer from disastrous consequences. Everything is exactly as it is written in the instructions for use.

Taking steroid drugs, including Turianbol, will help you not only to restore the hormonal background, but also to accelerate many processes of the body and lead to high-quality and rapid results. But it is important to remember personal responsibility for your health and before taking any steroids consult a specialist.

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