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Halotestin has established itself as a high-quality drug with a high androgenic index. The anabolic index is not that big. According to reviews, Halotestin gives a great increase in strength. Suitable for preparation for competitions, when an athlete needs strength without a large set of muscle mass. In this case, the musculature gets the necessary hardness.

Halotestin Effects

The positive effects include:

  • The increase in power.
  • Low halotest price.
  • Makes muscles stiff.
  • Strengthens the spirit.
  • Allows you to make tough training.
  • Replenishes forces.

How To Take Halotestin?

Deciding to buy Halotestin, you should read the instructions. The effect of the drug and the appearance of side effects depends on the chosen dosage. The optimal dose of Halotestin – up to 30 mg. Athletes engaged in power sport, suitable dosage of 30 mg. Women this steroid is better not to take, because it is highly androgenic. The maximum cycle duration is 4 weeks. Above this period it is better not to take, as the drug is toxic.

Halotestin is not flavored, but Post Cycle Therapy is necessary, as a high androgen index knocks hormonal background. After taking the drug during PCT, it is necessary to restore the production of your own hormones. Here you can find the necessary preparations for PCT.